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AN AMERICAN IN BRAZIL - The Tale of Two Crock Pots: Epilogue Our story comes to an end.


Our story comes to an end. Here's a quick recap:

1. Nov 14 - ordered 2 crock pots through Amazon Brazil. Expected delivery date: December 20 (was adjusted several time during December.) 2. Late December - Received notification of postage due on a package. Filled out forms, paid fees, waited for arrival. 3. Late December - Parcel arrived! Not crock pots. Rather disappointed. 4. Early January - Notified that CPs were in Customs awaiting inspection. 5. Early January - Notified CPs didn't pass inspection! Were on the list to be shipped back to US, scraped, or salvaged. 4th option - someone was getting a couple of CPs for free!! 6. Early January - In reviewing the paperwork we realized the CPs had arrived in Sao Paulo on December 9th. They sat in Customs for a month while Custom's officials decided who was getting the CPs as a late Christmas present (it wasn't going to be us!!). 7. Early January - Requested refund which was promptly issued, though accompanied by much disappointment.

THEN . . .

Epilogue: The Miracle of the Crock Pots!

Early January - One of our missionaries, Sister Camargo, has an aunt, Daisy, that travels to and from Brazil on a regular basis to visit family here. Her husband is a pilot. On January 8th she was in Brazil and came to the Visitor's Center to bring some goodies from home to her neice. We shared with her our CP Saga! She replied, "I'm coming back next weekend. Would you like me to pick up a couple of crock pots and bring them to you?" Whaaaat???

January 15 - Daisy arrived at the Visitor's Center with a large suitcase overflowing with 2 crock pots and lots of other goodies. It was like Christmas!

Thus ends the Tale of Two Crock Pots, a story filled with twists and turns, subterfuge and intrigue, villians and yes, a heroine! We've used our CPs to make Potato Cheese soup, Pot Roast (delicious), and next week Gnocchi Soup.

We hope you enjoyed this story. Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure of AN AMERICAN IN BRAZIL! Teaser: Do you know how orchids are grown??

PS - Yes, we got cake mixes and syrup. Never take for granted that you can buy 10 cake mixes for $10 and syrup for a few dollars. Cake mixes here are about $3-5/each. Syrup: $25!! Krusteze - non-existent in Brazil. We are dividing it up between the sisters. Hoping to get two more packages this weekend from some folks who are headed this way! Also, Ranch Dressing is not to be found either!!

Have a great day!

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